Dac Worldwide LogoDAC Worldwide designs and manufactures training systems, scale models and cutaways to aid in training, maintenance and education for engineers, technicians, mechanics and more. Their products serve a number of industries, like manufacturing, process and chemical manufacturing, marine, military, oil and gas, and power generation. Technical topics include electrical and electronics, heat transfer and steam, mechanical drives, oil production, process control and instrumentation, pumps, compressors and valves.

DAC Worldwide is unique in its variety of products. Each is designed to approach a technical topic from a different point of view.

  • Training Systems: Full training systems cover an entire topic area, giving learners the opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise for a technical skill.
  • Cutaways: Industrial component cutaways are professionally sectioned to expose key internal components, allowing learners to understand the inner workings of the equipment. Movable parts allow learners to see how basic mechanical operations affect components of the entire system.
  • Dissectibles: DAC Worldwide’s dissectibles are similar to cutaways with the added benefit of being able to disassemble and reassemble the entire unit. The learner acquires intimate knowledge of the construction of a piece of equipment without having to damage other training equipment.
  • Sample Boards: DAC Worldwide offers boards mounted with industrial components of varying sizes and uses. Each is labeled, so learners can get used to the names and applications for a variety of parts. Components include fasteners, belts, chains, couplings, gears and bearings.
  • Models: DAC Worldwide’s speciality lies in life-like scale models of industrial processes and machines. These allow learners to understand the full picture of how each component and machine works together in a system, without having to visit an industrial site.

ATS is proud to be the exclusive distributor of DAC Worldwide technology in Michigan.


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