Using the latest in augmented reality technology, intARactive brings customer service & support to a whole new level.

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How it Works

IntARactiveintARactive’s augmented reality software allows you to share technical issues with a service technician right from your smart device, in real-time. The technician will “mark up” your live view to guide you through troubleshooting. Optimized AR technology allows visual cues to stick where they’re drawn, so you and the technician are always on the same page.

intARactive keeps you moving foward & allows you to focus on what’s most important.

Instantaneous Service

You can’t pause classes or slow production because of technical issues. Now you don’t have to. On-demand technician service happens on your schedule.

Efficient Solutions

No more hassle trying to explain your technical issues over phone or email. The technician will be able to see and explain everything live.

Reduce On-Site Maintenance

Virtual service is immediate and decreases the likelihood you’ll need in-person repairs. But if you DO need an onsite technician, he’ll be fully prepared after an intARactive consultation.

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