How ATS Can Help You

How do we build the industrial workforce of tomorrow? Manufacture a talent pipeline today.

Through the Marshall Plan for Talent program, the state has earmarked millions of dollars to invest in innovative technical training programs for high-demand, high-wage careers. But in order for institutions like yours to access these funds, you will need to determine present talent gaps in the industry, identify appropriate business partners in your community, and then work together to meet the Marshall Plan’s criteria and create a strong, innovative application for funding. In other words, you need to prove that you are equipped to train the skilled workforce that your industry partners will need.

That’s where we come in.

At ATS, creating industrial talent pipelines is our specialty, and we can supply you with the curriculum resources and training materials that will help your Marshall Plan for Talent application stand out from the competition. We have a long history of training tomorrow’s industrial workforce. Across the state of Michigan, we have helped numerous high schools, colleges, and career centers develop competency-based training programs that help students stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving industry.

Contact us today at 248-219-4893 to learn how ATS can help your program build a strong case for Marshall Plan funding.