Skill Boss Logistics Trainer Created for Supply Chain Automation

Amatrol and the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) have developed a new technology to create more supply chain automation technicians. The Skill Boss Logistics was designed to train and test students and workers to operate, troubleshoot and maintain supply chain automation technology. Consumption of goods is at an all-time high, and companies are turning to … Continued

LIFT and Amatrol Announce IGNITE: Mastering Manufacturing – An Advanced Manufacturing High School Program

Innovative curriculum engages students in new ways of learning and prepares them as multi-skilled technicians for the advanced manufacturing workplace. DETROIT – In response to the significant need for employees with “upscaled” knowledge and skills in the advanced manufacturing environment, LIFT, the Detroit-based National Manufacturing Innovation Institute, and Amatrol announced the national roll-out of a … Continued

The Self-Driving Car Research Studio

The self-driving car craze continues to gain traction as more players step into the race to build the first fully-functioning autonomous vehicle. A simple Google search of “self-driving cars” pulls up articles published by the likes of CNBC, Forbes, and Automotive News all within the last week. Big names like Tesla, Waymo, Google, Cruise (GM) … Continued

LIFT Learning Lab

LIFT Lightweight Innovations For Tomorrow, better known as LIFT, is a national leader in manufacturing skills development. The private-public partnership organization focuses on “developing and deploying advanced lightweight materials manufacturing technologies, and implementing education and training programs to prepare the workforce”. LIFT hosted an Open House on Aug. 1 at their brand new LIFT Learning Lab … Continued

Hands-On Skills for CPT Certification

Individuals working in a number of industrial careers should be equipped with standard safety, quality assurance, production and maintenance skills. For years, the Manufacturing Standards Skills Council (MSSC) has provided the training and credentialing for the Certified Production Technician (CPT) certification, which verifies these skills. Now, individuals have the option to add a hands-on portion to … Continued

Markforged 3D Printing

Markforged is the 3D printing company currently producing the strongest parts available on the market today and whose technology is used in authentic industrial applications. Backed by investment capital from Microsoft, Porsche and Siemens, the company is leading the additive manufacturing market in innovative materials and printing methods. A few of their unique technologies include: … Continued

Industry 4.0 for Education

What is Industry 4.0? Manufacturing is moving beyond the integration of automation and robotics. Now, smart factories feature high-tech sensors, software, cloud-based data storage and analytics to combine manufacturing operational technology with information technology. Imagine: Thousands of robots all over the world from hundreds of companies uploading production data in real-time while software analyzes this … Continued

Become a Pilot Test Site for SACA Certifications

The Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA) is looking for pilot test sites for Industry 4.0 certifications and specialized micro-credentials. Participating schools will gain first access to industry-developed and validated skills standards with online and hands-on assessments. Students can test for a number of Automation Systems Specialist micro-credentials that correspond to skills and competencies they’re already learning … Continued

Quanser – Engineering Research Technology and Labs

ATS is proud to announce a new partnership with Quanser, a company who has established itself as the world leader in academically focused, industry-relevant research technology and labs for engineering programs. With over 30 years in academia and 2,500 teaching institutions using their learning systems, Quanser has the knowledge and expertise to provide world class … Continued