DAC Worldwide

DAC Worldwide is a leading provider of hands-on training systems and tools for every technical topic. Their products are developed with authentic industrial components and applications.

DAC’s specialty lies in the variety of tools offered to training programs. Not only do they manufacture full training systems, they also offer a variety of cutaways, scale models, dissectibles and sample boards that provide further context and understanding for students in the classroom.

DAC Worldwide has products for

Electrical & Electronics Fluid Power HVAC Mechanical Drives Process Control & Instrumentation Quality Assurance
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Electrical & Electronics

DAC Worldwide’s electrical and electronics training systems offer a variety of hands-on training solutions for basic electrical skills, transformer wiring, frequency drives, PLCs, motor wiring and more.

Fluid Power

DAC Worldwide’s fluid power cutaways offer an inside look at many components commonly found in the workplace to enhance the learning experience. These cutaways include various valves and other devices commonly used in pneumatic and hydraulic systems.


DAC Worldwide manufactures cutaways of authentic industrial-grade HVAC components to help augment learning in your HVAC courses. These cutaways give students an understanding of the inner workings of key components found in HVAC systems, like compressors, solenoids and valves.

Mechanical Drives

DAC Worldwide’s mechanical drives training systems offer a variety of hands-on training solutions including full training systems, cutaways, scale models, dissectibles and sample boards. These mechanical products enable instructors to teach students to work with gears, bearings, perform vibration analysis, learn about alignment, and more.

Process Control & Instrumentation

DAC Worldwide offers a variety of products to teach hands-on process control and instrumentation. These include level, flow, temperature and analytic processes. Products include full training systems that incorporate all these topics, as well as cutaways, models and dissectibles for focusing on specific components.

Quality Assurance

DAC Worldwide has designed several sample boards to help teach quality assurance and measurement for machining and welding students. With these sample boards, students better understand components that fit within proper tolerances and those which do not.