Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Industry, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Automation, CNC & Machining, Industrial Technology, Industry 4.0, Lean Manufacturing

Product Types: eLearning

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eAssessment by Amatrol identifies where a learner’s knowledge is already proficient and where the gaps are, allowing you to provide customized training to their specific needs. It starts a learner at the right place and prevents under or over-training. You can use the data from eAssessment to develop your eLearning plans.

Learning Outcomes

The power of eAssessment is to maximize training time, cost and efforts to train employees and learners. It isn’t curriculum, but a tool to determine an individual’s technical knowledge in order to create a customized training program for that person.

Many industrial employers are providing skills-based training to their incumbent workforce at work, and they love this tool to maximize their investments.

eAssessment Product Details

There are three different products under the eAssessment umbrella:

eAssessment Standard

  • eAssessment Standard identifies an individual’s knowledge gaps for a topic at an objective level to build the right training plan for your needs. It requires more time than eAssessment Express but provides additional insights into an individual’s abilities.

eAssessment Express

  • eAssessment Express determines knowledge gaps quickly at a modular level. eAssessment Express requires only 35% as many questions as Standard. eAssessment Express allows for a more targeted training plan, entry-level evaluation, or confirmation of pre-existing know-how.


  • Amatrol’s ReAssessment offers a reusable assessment for a variety of purposes such as mid-course progress checks and post-test measures of how well employees / students have grasped the material. Utilizing the same bank of questions that eAssessment Standard, this product provides your organization with a versatile tool for evaluating talent.

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