Mechanical Fabrication


Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Industry, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Advanced Manufacturing, Industrial Technology, Mechanical, Safety

Product Types: Training Equipment

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Need your students to learn how to use basic tools? We can help!

The Mechanical Fabrication system (by Amatrol) is an introduction to industrial hand and power tools – the foundation of anything else you do in the lab. Your students will learn everything from basic hand tools, clamps, vises and pliers, to more advanced torque tools, wrenches, and power tools. All while keeping safety and proper procedures top of mind.

Many students today come into the tech ed classroom without any prior experience using basic tools – that all changes with the 950-MPF1! Your students can gain the confidence to use the right tool, the right way. With student reference guides and eLearning courses that teach step-by-step procedures, your students will be set up for success.

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn about hand and power tools, assembly, fabrication and safety procedures, including:

  • Assembly Concepts
  • Bolt Types, Sizes, and Grades
  • Washers
  • Wrenches: Fixed, Adjustable, Allen, Ratchet
  • Wrench Application
  • Fluid Circuit Components
  • Pipe Thread Components
  • Pneumatic Fittings & Tubing
  • Screws
  • Screwdrivers: Flat Head, Phillips
  • Nut Drivers
  • Pliers and Locking Devices
  • Mallets and Non-Threaded Fasteners
  • Torque Wrenches
  • Portable Power Tools

Mechanical Fabrication System Product Details

The system is comprised of a workstation that includes:

  • Precision fabrication parts set
  • Mechanical fabrication tool set
  • Standard parts set
  • Component kit
  • Skills part kit
  • Tool kit
  • Hardware kit
  • Bolt stretch kit

It also comes with student curriculum, instructor’s assessment guide, and installation guide. Amatrol also offers the option to expand our strong print based curriculum with interactive multimedia so that students can learn mechanical fabrication skills and concepts in the style they need.


eLearning: All Amatrol training systems have interactive, multimedia eLearning courses and modules tied to these learning concepts. This curriculum utilizes text with voiceovers, pictures, videos, stunning 3D animations, interactive quizzes and knowledge checks, pre- and post-quizzes and more. Through partnerships with key industry leaders and leading educators, Amatrol developed the right balance of knowledge to train learners to work in their chosen field.

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