DAC Worldwide

Modular Basic Electricity

#400-000, 400-PAC

Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Industry, Technical College

Learning Topics: Advanced Manufacturing, Electrical, Electrical Engineering

Product Types: Training Equipment

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Modular Basic Electricity by DAC Worldwide examines basic AC and DC electrical principles. Learners will explore how electricity is used for power and control in various sectors, including industrial, commercial and residential applications. The system covers industry-relevant skills, such as installing, operating, and troubleshooting AC and DC electrical circuits in a variety of applications.

This basic electrical training system includes voltage regulators, resistors, capacitors, inductors, toggle switches, indicator lamps, and much more. Learners will use these components to study topics such as voltage measurement, resistor circuits, power supply filters, and troubleshooting. This system utilizes industry-grade components, providing durability to stand up to frequent use, and to aide learners in becoming better prepared for the tasks they will encounter on the job.

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