Onyx Pro

Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Industry, K-8, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: 3D Printing, Industry 4.0, Materials Engineering, STEM

Product Types: Training Equipment

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Onyx Pro by Markforged is an industrial grade desktop 3D printer. The printer comes with the Markforged Eiger 3D printing software along with continuous fiber glass and onyx printing capabilities. The Markforged Onyx Pro fits high quality and affordability all into a compact unit.

Learning Outcomes

The Onxy Pro allows learners explore concepts like material selection, strength of materials, strength to weight ratio and tool design. Learners will experience working with reinforcement materials and study how to be cost-efficient while still engineering a strong part that meet the requirements. By using the Desktop Onyx Pro, instructors can teach engineering and science principles at a variety levels. Some of these areas include,

  • Materials Science
  • Structural Engineering
  • Engineering Design
  • Midrange
  • Data Science

Desktop Onyx Pro Product Details

Markforged is leading the additive software manufacturing market in innovative material and printing methods using continuous fiber reinforcement. Compatible with a school’s CAD software, the Desktop Onyx Pro can print parts for the existing equipment in a school. Utilizing a various material, you can easily find the material that best fits your needs. The Onyx Pro prints fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic parts that are 10x as strong a s traditional printing plastics. With easy to reach wear components like nozzles and feed tubes, Mark Two is easy to operate and maintain.  Markforged uses unique continuous carbon fiber reinforcement.

  • This machine is extremely reliable for thousands of print hours.
  • The Markforged Software Eiger, allows for simulation testing before you print. Know where to reinforce your design and how it will perform before you print so you only print what you need.
    • Make your additive manufacturing platform more agile and efficient
    • Seamlessly perform as a unified platform composed of software, printers, and materials.
  •  Compatible
    • Materials Onyx
    • Precise PLA
    • Smooth TPU 95A
    • Fiberglass

Build volumes of 320 x 132x 154mm (12.6 x 5.2 x 6in)

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