Self-Driving Car Research Studio

Recommended Skill Levels: Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Automation, Automotive & Transportation, Autonomous Vehicles, Computer Science, Control Systems, Controls Engineering, Drones, Engineering, Industry 4.0, Mobile, Robotics, STEM

Product Types: Full Program, Research, Training Equipment

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Self-Driving Car Research Studio by Quanser is an all-encompassing platform for new and expanding research programs. The studio comes with all the tools to build a complete research portfolio in autonomous and self-driving technologies. The SDRS supports a variety of languages, including ROS, Python, Simulink, C, and C++.

Learning & Research Outcomes

The self-driving car studio enables researchers to build high-level applications and reconfigure low-level processes that are supported by pre-built modules and libraries. Using these building blocks, you can explore topics such as machine learning and artificial intelligence training, augmented/mixed reality, smart transportation, multi-vehicle scenarios and traffic management, cooperative autonomy, navigation, mapping and control, and more.

Vehicle Details

At the center of the Self-Driving Car Research Studio, the QCar, is an open-architecture scaled model vehicle. The car is equipped with high-grade technology to power autonomous capabilities, including:

  • NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 supercomputer
  • 2D Lidar
  • RGBD and 360° 2D SCI Cameras
  • 720 count encoder
  • Brake and reverse lights, turn signals, headlights
  • Microphones and speaker
  • WiFi connectivity

Software Details

The self-driving car studio supports a number of software tools and APIs, including Simulink®, Python™, TensorFlow,VisionWorks, Jetson Multimedia APIs, Gazebo, ROS and many, many more (See spec sheet in next tab for more information).

Research Studio Package Includes

  • Vehicles: QCar (option to purchase a single vehicle or entire fleet)
  • Ground Control Station: High-performance computer with RTX graphics card with Tensor AI cores, 3 monitors, high-performance router, wireless gamepad, QUARC Autonomous License
  • Studio Space: Set of reconfigurable floor panels with road patters; set of traffic lights

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