Self-Driving Car STEM Lab

Recommended Skill Levels: High School, K-8, Technical College

Learning Topics: Automotive & Transportation, Autonomous Vehicles, Computer Science, Controls Engineering, Engineering, Industry 4.0, Mobile, STEM

Product Types: Full Program, Training Equipment

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Self-Driving Car STEM Lab by Quanser is an all-encompassing platform to introduce students to autonomous vehicle hardware, software and systems and help them understand self-driving cars of the future. This system is based on Quanser’s Self-Driving Car Research Studio, which is designed for post-secondary research. The Self-Driving Car STEM Lab has been modified to be accessible for all K-12 students!

Learning Outcomes

The Self-Driving Car STEM Lab is designed to teach engineering, data science, math and technology to STEM and CTE students. Students get hands-on insights into the different artificial intelligence applications running on the system. Through games and challenges via the tablet interface, students can understand the different pieces of the Intelligent System, including See, Think, Do and Talk (see software below for more information).

Vehicle Details

At the center of the Self-Driving Car Research Studio, the QCar, is an open-architecture scaled model vehicle. The car is equipped with high-grade technology to power autonomous capabilites, including:

  • NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 supercomputer
  • 2D Lidar
  • RGBD and 360° 2D SCI Cameras
  • 720 count encoder
  • Brake and reverse lights, turn signals, headlights
  • Microphones and speaker
  • WiFi connectivity

Software Details

Students control the vehicles and system using an interactive app on tablets. The app enables them to control each portion of the Intelligent System:

  • See: Students see the vehicle’s camera views and how it drives safely based on what it sees
  • Think: Students get insight into the AI Neural Network to understand how it makes decisions based on road signs, obstacles and other vehicles
  • Do: Students can monitor vehicle speed, power, energy and performance, and they can adjust parameters to test how the system reacts under different conditions.
  • Talk: Students can see how each vehicle communicates with the ground control station, and how the station can control traffic to optimize flow.

There is also a digital twin of the physical system that can show each vehicle’s progression and data in real-time.

Self-Driving Car STEM Lab Package Includes

  • Car + Tablet (option of 2-4 quantity)
  • Ground Control Station
  • WiFi Router
  • Roadway Map + Safety Border
  • Traffic Light + Traffic Signs

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