Smart Robot Logistics Palletizing Workcell


Recommended Skill Levels: Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Advanced Manufacturing, Automation, Autonomous Vehicles, Control Systems, Engineering, Industrial, Industrial Technology, Industry 4.0, Mechatronics, Mobile, PLCs, Robotics, Systems Integration

Product Types: Training Equipment

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The Smart Robot Logistics Palletizing Workcell by Amatrol replicates an automated logistics line featuring smart robotic cells. Students will learn vital skills used in supply chain automation, logistics and distribution, manufacturing, and palletizing operations.

The 87-SWPF1V Smart Robot Logistics Palletizing Workcell teaches students how to operate, program, maintain, and troubleshoot a robotic palletizing workcell. Students will learn how to power-up and jog an industrial robot workcell using an HMI, operate the workcell both manually and automatically, enter and interpret commands, configure robot vision settings, track robot performance, and ensure safety devices are functioning correctly.

The 87-SWPF1V system features a mobile workstation with a FANUC 6-axis robotic arm, Allen-Bradley safety PLC, dual transport conveyors, and physical safety guards. Five 3D-printed pallets, twenty boxes, and barcode labels are included for sorting. Amatrol’s proven PC-based interactive, multimedia student curriculum is included, as well as an install guide, instructor’s guide, and skills PDF.

The system is built on the groundbreaking Skill Boss Logistics system, which is designed to train, test and validate individuals for MSSC Certified Technician in Supply Chain Automation skills.

Learning Outcomes

The 87-SWPF1V provides all the components students need to practice real-world hands-on skills that are necessary to operate a robotic palletizer workcell. Using the robotic arm and its vision guidance capabilities, students will test and adjust joint travel limits, configure robot vision settings to capture and identify an image, and design a program to sort packages by reading barcodes. The variable speed electro-pneumatic transport conveyors are equipped with multiple safety devices, such as light curtains with photo eye sensors and a stack light, that students will test to recognize proper safety practices.

The PC-based HMI software that accompanies the system teaches students to navigate multiple control menus, such as 2D/3D workcell overview, subsystems, system schematics, an alarm screen, and order entry. Utilizing these menus, students can operate the workcell manually, create sample customer orders, acknowledge system alarms, and more. The system also includes FaultPro, Amatrol’s computer-based fault-insertion system, that allows students to troubleshoot faults in multiple areas of the workcell.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Robot startup and jogging
  • Manual and automatic robot operation
  • Palletizing robot workcell operation
  • Robot programming
  • Operate and test a safety PLC
  • Managed ethernet switch operation
  • Network security and performance
  • Basic industrial ethernet operation
  • Basic Ethernet/IP operation
  • Robot vision system programming

Smart Robot Logistics Palletizing Workcell Product Details

The 87-SWPF1V includes:

  • Mobile workstation with FANUC 6-axis robotic arm
  • Allen-Bradley safety PLC
  • Dual transport conveyors
  • Physical safety guards
  • 3D printed pallets
  • 20 boxes
  • Barcode labels
  • Multimedia curriculum
  • Installation guide
  • Instructor’s guide
  • Skills PDF

The system is designed to work with the 95-MSB3 Skill Boss Logistics and an 87-MRL1 Mobile Robot Logistics System.


Multimedia eLearning: Amatrol’s unmatched, highly-interactive multimedia uses text, voiceover, 3D graphics and diagrams, and animations to appeal to multiple learning styles. The 87-SWPF1V’s curriculum covers a range of topics, which guides students from the basics of identifying a robot workcell’s components to entering and interpreting a variety of commands. By course completion, students will have successfully developed and tested their own basic programs to palletize, de-palletize, and pick and place boxes and pallets.

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