Truck and Trailer Air Brakes w/ABS


Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Automotive & Transportation, Electronics

Product Types: Training Equipment

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The Truck and Trailer Air Brakes with ABS Trainer (MEG685-ABS) from Megatech teaches the basic elements Air Brakes with Anti-Lock Brakes. Using this trainer allows learners to use a fully functional model to learn about switches, faults, sensors in a Air Brake system for Trucks and Trailers.

Learning Outcomes

Using this trainer allows learners to gain hands on experience:

  • Speed sensor signals
  • Faults
  • SPDT momentary switches
  • Bendix Controller

Truck and Trailer Air Brake w/ABS Product Details

This trainer is mobile and functional as it is built on casters. Complete with six sensors, a bendix controller, five SPDT momentary switches, fault insertion box and an electronic module connecting wheel speed sensors.

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