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3 Phase Separator Working Demonstrator – Acrylic


Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Industry, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Oil & Gas

Product Types: Training Equipment

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The 3-Phase Separator Working Demonstrator -Acrylic (142-3PS) from Bayport Technical simulates the crude oil production process of separating water, oil, and gas. This demonstrator provides hands-on 3-phase separator training, aiding learners in understanding the flow and gravity separation. With this system, learners can see the process visually as it continuously mixes air, water, and a hydrocarbon-based fluid.

Learning Outcomes

Using this demonstrator allows learners to understand the flow and gravity separation of a 3-Phase separator system that continuously mixes air, water and hydrocarbon-based fluid.

3-Phase Working Demonstrator Product Details

The 142-3PS is equipped with:

  • Two pumps for oil and water
  • Air compressor
  • Acrylic separation vessels
  • Oil and water storage tanks
  • 3 manual flow meters

This demonstrator is mounted on a metal structure with casters and requires 115V/60Hz/1ph electrical. To prevent corrosion all non-moving surfaces are painted for durability.

The dimensions of this unit are 28” L x 32” W x 59” H

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