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Mastery Coding™ inspires and prepares students towards the computer science careers of tomorrow in fields like coding, programming, web development, game and app development, and even esports! These web-based courses are designed to meet every student and learner at their knowledge level, from basic computer science essentials through certification preparation coursework.

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Elementary School: Computer Science Essentials Esports Programming High School: Game and App Development Middle School: Web and Game Development Foundations Workforce Solutions: Unity Certification Institute
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Elementary School: Computer Science Essentials

Mastery Coding™’s Computer Science Essentials course is great for Elementary and K-8 programs looking to build a foundation in computer science for their students. The coursework blends unplugged learning activities with block-based programming. Students will learn core digital citizenship principles and the essential introductory computer science knowledge they need to be successful and safe in today’s technological world. Utilizing a cross-disciplinary approach and a 5E lesson plan design that aligns the academic objectives to ISTE standards, all of the materials are “turn-key” so that they require no previous instructional experience from the teacher in the realm of coding, programming, or computer science in order to be effectively taught.

Esports Programming

Mastery Coding™’s Esports programs are all about turning GAMERS into MAKERS. These academic esports programs tap the benefits of esports by going beyond just nurturing great gamers and providing opportunities for STEM career exploration. They increase student engagement, teach productive gaming habits, showcase esports careers, internships, and scholarships.

High School: Game and App Development

Mastery Coding’s flagship Game and App Development pathway is designed for 9th-12th grade and college students. The program uses cross-disciplinary, project-based learning to teach core programming and Unity coding skills. Students will build their knowledge of C# and Unity by creating multiple full-featured games that combine 3D models, animation, audio files, and scripts. Upon course completion, students will have the ability to create a 3D application from scratch, have a professional digital portfolio of projects, and have the knowledge and resources to pass industry-recognized Unity certification exams.

Middle School: Web and Game Development Foundations

Mastery Coding’s Web and Game Development courses are designed for 6th-12 grade students. These are the perfect introduction to programming for students with little to no prior experience with computer science. With dynamic and engaging project-based learning, students will build a professional portfolio of their coding work that demonstrates their understanding of core computer science concepts. In these web-based courses, students will be using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, and the P5.js graphics library to complete code projects with visual elements and access their projects on the web from any browser. These foundational courses prepare learners for further, more advanced studies in computer science.

Workforce Solutions: Unity Certification Institute

The Unity Certification Institute (UCI) is a, 80-hour Unity boot camp designed for workforce training. The program gives learners with no prior computer science or coding experience the tools and knowledge to create their own games and applications from scratch, and it prepares them to earn the Unity Certified User: Programmer industry-recognized certification. Throughout this project-based course, students will learn basic to intermediate C# programming and how to use the Unity engine to build full-featured video games while developing a professional digital portfolio.