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OTTO (by Rockwell Automation) have developed industry-leading autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) powered by AI and driven to automate material handling.

AMRs increase productivity and allow humans to do more human-centric work. As these mobile robots continue to revolutionize the workplace, industry needs individuals capable of programming, operating, integrating and maintaining these vehicles.

Now, schools can put OTTO Motors’ AMRs to work in the classroom, giving students hands-on learning with the same hardware and software being deployed in industry today.

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Autonomous Mobile Robots
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Autonomous Mobile Robots

The OTTO 100 is designed to teach students the fundamental technologies embedded in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Students will learn to program, operate, troubleshoot and maintain the AMR. They will also work up to more complex applications like integration with other automation technology, fleet management, production planning, data analysis and process improvement.