Quanser is the global leader in the design and manufacture of lab solutions and products that have transformed the way educators teach the theory, application, and implementation of engineering concepts. Quanser’s transformational labs create collaborative, multi-disciplinary environments that bring to life math and engineering theory, combining research with application. Their learning systems cover a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines, including:

  • Motion Control: From drones and reusable rockets, to advanced robotics and self-driving vehicles, the fundamentals of control systems design and implementation are a critical skill for engineers to compete and innovate in the modern workforce.
  • Aerospace Control & Dynamics: Aerospace and mechatronic engineers need a broad range of engineering skills, including knowledge and practical application in areas such as control systems, dynamics modeling, system identification, and mechanical design – all provided by Quanser’s line of products.
  • Structural Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering: Quanser’s motion simulators and smart structures allow you to study the response of structures and materials to vibrations caused by earthquakes, sloshing, or waves, explore control techniques to dampen these vibrations, and study topics of advanced dynamics and multi-dynamics analysis.
  • Autonomous Vehicles: As autonomous vehicle technology diversifies to new levels of complexity, researchers look to solve the challenges of creating and maintaining drone fleets and operating multiple types of vehicles in communication with each other. Quanser’s autonomous vehicles products are the ideal solution for academics looking to build a multi-vehicle research program in a short amount of time.
  • Industrial Engineering Applications: Quanser’s Industrial Applications solutions bring engineering theory to the real world with practice on some of the challenges facing engineers in the industrial field today.
  • QUARC Software: Quanser’s QUARC software adds powerful tools and capabilities to MATLAB and Simulink® that make the development and deployment of sophisticated real-time mechatronics and control applications easier. QUARC generates real-time code directly from Simulink-designed controllers and runs it in real-time on the Windows target — all without digital signal processing or without writing a single line of code.

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