Hybrid Engine Performance Trainer


Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Product Types: Training Equipment

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The Hybrid Engine Performance by Megatech is a training solution created from using a hybrid model vehicle that is converted into an engine performance trainer with built-in fault simulation. This trainer can be used to learn specific models of cars such as Honda, Ford, Toyota and more.

Learning Outcomes

The Hybrid Engine Performance trainer comes with NATEF based worksheets for each fault and a digital copy of the service and maintenance manuals.

MEGOO7-HYB Product Details

This training system comes with:

  • Fully Operational Hybrid Vehicle System
  • Breakout Box / Fault Insertion
  • Safety Cover w/ Key Over High Voltage Battery
  • NATEF based worksheets for each fault
  • Full Dash
  • Mobile Casters
  • Steering/Suspension + Brakes
  • Full Lighting & Stereo Systems

This system can be customized with your school logo on the hood.

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