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Lock-Out/Tag-Out Trainer


Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Industry, Technical College

Learning Topics: Advanced Manufacturing, Electrical, Electrical Engineering, Safety

Product Types: Training Equipment

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Lock-Out/Tag-Out Trainer by DAC Worldwide – According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), lock-out/tag-out is one of the Top 10 “”Most Serious Violations”” and “”Most Often Cited Violations”” in the workplace. Lock-out/tag-out must be taken seriously, because workers maintaining equipment can be seriously injured from the unexpected energization of, release of stored energy from, or startup of equipment.

Lock-out/tag-out procedures establish standards for the shutdown of equipment, so that energy sources can be isolated to prevent the release of potentially-hazardous energy during routine maintenance activities. Following proper lock-out/tag-out procedures helps workers to avoid preventable workplace accidents and injuries.

Learning Outcomes

This course provides learners a strong foundation in lockout/tagout procedures that translate easily to the specific policies and procedures of companies and working environments.  By the end of this course learners will have conceptualizing skills, planning and detailed safe work practices that are required to perform potentially dangerous work activities in an industrial environment. Using a realistic simulated working process environment, learners complete hands on activities related to the process of identifying and locking out sources of dangerous potential energy in an industrial setting

811-000 Product Details

The training system includes:

  • two process tanks
  • a centrifugal pump
  • a complex, multi-purpose piping network
  • electrical controls
  • a variety of lockable system component

A lock-out/tag-out kit that features a large number of commonly-encountered locking and tagging devices is also included

This product includes industry quality components such as:

  • 2 PVC process tanks with removable covers, vents, drains, and process connections;
  • PVC process network with block valves, 3-way valves, figure-8 blinds, and descriptive valve tags
  • fractional HP magnetic drive centrifugal pump
  • drain collection and distribution tubing network with valved central collection manifold
  • electrical controls, with provision for lock-out, including primary service disconnect, motor starter switch, in-line GFI protector, and system plug connection
  • comprehensive lock-out/tag-out tool kit with color-coded locks, tags, multi-lock hasps, specialty electrical locking devices, valve locking devices of multiple designs, and a dedicated toolbox

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