Quanser Aero 2

Recommended Skill Levels: Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Aerospace, Automation, Control Systems, Controls Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics

Product Types: Research, Training Equipment

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The Aero 2 by Quanser is a fully integrated aerospace lab experiment. It is designed for teaching controls and introducing aerospace concepts at an undergraduate level with applications for research at the post-graduate level.

Learning Outcomes

With the comprehensive course materials included, you can build a state-of-the-art teaching lab for your mechatronics or control courses, engage students in various design and capstone projects, and validate your research concepts on a high- quality, robust, and precise platform.

Learning outcomes on the Aero 2 include:

  • Sensor interfacing and signal conditioning
  • Experimental system identification
  • Theoretical system modelling
  • Parameter estimation and model validation
  • Speed and position control
  • Controller design to specification
  • Gain scheduling and aerospace control
  • State-space modeling and control
  • LQR controller optimization
  • Kalmann filters/LQG controller design

AERO 2 Product Details

Two rotors provide thrust and allow users to safely control the device’s dynamic response. Interchangeable propellers, user-adjustable thrust vectors, and the ability to lock axes individually mean the Aero 2 is capable of abstracting a variety of aerospace systems, such as half-quadrotor, 1-DOF VTOL, and 2-DOF helicopter.

The compact base includes a built-in amplifier with an integrated current sensor, a built-in data acquisition device, and an interchangeable QFLEX 2 interface panel offering connectivity options for a wide range of devices including PCs, embedded computers, and microcontrollers. Four high-resolution optical encoders, plus one Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), can be used to measure and control attitude in both pitch and yaw axes. Slip ring wiring allows for unlimited, continuous, 360° yaw rotation.

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Virtual Aero 2:

The Aero 2 is included in the lineup of virtual experiments in Quanser’s QLabs products. With limited lab space or limited physical Aeros, you can use the QLabs Virtual Aero 2 the physical experiment with the QLabs Virtual Aero 2 to provide every student access to a high-fidelity digital-twin for flipped and hybrid lab experiences.

You can purchase access to the Virtual Aero 2 alone, or get access to the entire library of Quanser QLabs virtual trainers.

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