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Weld Fault Comparison Kit


Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Industry, Technical College

Learning Topics: Quality Assurance, Welding

Product Types: Training Equipment

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Weld Fault Comparison Kit (825-00) by DAC Worldwide is a great visual for teaching common weld faults. It comes with training materials for basic training in weld quality and weld fault terminology. The set includes twelve molded weld samples. Each sample depicts acceptable (Go) and unacceptable (No Go) examples of common weld defects.

Learning Outcomes

With the Weld Fault Comparison Kit learners establish a system of consistent weld fault terminology and weld fault evaluation techniques, resulting in effective workplace communications and a visually defined standard of quality.

The hands-on exercises include:

  • Introduction to basic weld joint terminology & identification
  • Identification, rating, and classification of weld faults commonly found in the field
  • Introduction to the use of a weld fillet gauge

Learners will experience defects like undercut, tie-in, porosity, lack of fusion, fillet size, and other common faults

Product Details

  • Twelve sturdy, molded samples of common defects (will not rust)
  • Student Use/Exercise Guide and Workbook with introductory content, step-by-step discovery exercises, glossary, and review questions
  • Lightweight, durable, rotationally molded plastic carrying case

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