Basic Fluid Power


Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Industry, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Agri-Tech, Fluid Power, Industrial Technology

Product Types: eLearning, Training Equipment

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Basic Fluid Power (850-CD2) by Amatrol is a Double-Sided A-Frame Bench with Two Hydraulic Manifolds (850-CD1) is built to provide for both hydraulic and pneumatic systems training. Equipped with one set of basic hydraulics training (85-BH) panels and basic pneumatics training (85-BP) panels, the fluid power training system has the capacity to double your training capacity by adding another set of the basic fluid power training panels to the opposite side of the A-frame. This system introduces industry-relevant hydraulic and pneumatic skills while showing how they apply to fundamental fluid power principles, such as pressure and flow. After completing this learning system, learners will not only understand concepts like pressure versus cylinder force and basic motor circuits, but also be able to operate, install, design, and troubleshoot systems for various applications. Pneumatics and hydraulics are used in innumerable industrial applications.

Learning Outcomes

The Basic Fluid Power Trainer covers topics like:

  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Power Systems
  • Basic Hydraulic & Pneumatic Circuits
  • Pumps
  • Needle, Relief, Check, Flow control, Sequence & Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Schematics
  • Principles of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Pressure & Flow
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Speed Control
  • Pressure Control Circuits

This training system will provide the fundamental principles of hydraulics and pneumatics such as pressure and flow, basic circuits, pumps, valves, and speed control. Using both hands on and theoretical learning allows for a deeper understanding creating a strong basis for pursing more advanced skills.

Product Details

The Basic Fluid Power trainer features standard industrial grade components. This System includes:

  • Controls technology workbench
  • Hydraulic Power Supply
  • Basic Hydraulics Actuator Module
    • CAM Operators (2)
    • Flow Control Assembly
    • Flywheel with Key
  • Basic Hydraulics Valves Module
    • Relief/Sequence Valve
    • Pressure Reducing Valve Assembly
    • Needle Valve Assembly
    • Check Valve Assembly
    • Directional Control Valve Assembly
  • Basic Pneumatics Actuator/Valve Panel
    • Air Motor Assembly
    • Spring Return Cylinder Assembly
    • Flow Control Assembly
    • Level-Operated Assembly
  • Basic Pneumatics Instrumentation Panel
    • Pressure Gauge Assembly
    • Filter Regulator Assembly
    • Rotameter Assembly
    • Manometer Assembly
  • Hydraulic Hose and Fittings Package
  • Pneumatic Hose and Fittings Package
  • Bench Manifold Kit
  • Multimedia Curriculum
  • Instructors Guide
  • Installation Guide
  • Student Reference Guide

This unit requires a 110-220 VAC / 50-60 Hz/1 phase power source and a compressed Air Supply (2 CFM @ 100 PSIG/0.06 cmm @ 690 kPa)

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