Recommended Skill Levels: High School, K-8, Technical College

Learning Topics: Augmented/Virtual Reality, Welding, Welding

Product Types: Portable Trainer, Training Equipment

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MobileArc by Miller is an affordable, easy to use welding simulation tool designed to attract, engage and introduce students to welding through a hands-on augmented reality experience. The software is built on a mobile device that can be mounted on the helmet or directly on the welding gun. Augmented reality technology allows the students to see and hear a real welding experience as they practice their skills.

Learning Outcomes

MobileArc is the perfect tool to introduce students to the exciting world of welding. The system teaches MIG (GMAW) welding on steel, on joints that include T-joint, butt joint, and lap joint. The system is built on a mobile device loaded with AR technology to simulate real welding processes while providing real-time feedback and post-weld data and scores.

Whether your goal is to quickly and affordably teach intro welding to an entire classroom of students, or to find a portable, interactive outreach tool, the MobileArc is a great solution!

MobileArc Product Details

The portable augmented reality system includes:

  • Mobile device with case
  • Black classic helmet with mobile device mount
  • MIG welding gun with AR nozzle
  • Mobile device gun mount
  • Workpiece (configurable base plate and top plate)
  • 1.50 magnifying lens
  • 2.00 magnifying lens
  • Mobile device charger
  • Travel bag


As part of the Miller family of welding education products, MobileArc can be used in conjunction with OpenBook curriculum which allows instructors to manage courses, content and students on one space. You can use pre-developed courses or fully customize your own to align with your program structure. See Miller OpenBook for more information on the full curriculum offering.

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