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In the hands-on world of STEM and technical education, online learning can be difficult. Not to worry. We have the solutions to give your students interactive lessons from anywhere on any device. As an instructor, you can assign hand-picked courses, track learning for each student, and have peace of mind as your class continues on schedule.

eLearning Courses

Choose from over 300 courses totaling 3,000 hours of learning to develop a customized solution for your students. From basic to advanced, our interactive, multimedia eLearning will keep even the most hands-on students engaged with the online content.

Subject areas include:

• Electrical • Measurement & Guaging • Manufacturing Processes • Process Control
• Electronics • Automation • Materials • Print Drawings
• Fluid Power • Mechatronics • Thermal • Machining & CNC
• Mechanical • Lean Manufacturing • Safety • Green Energy
• Quality • Automotive • Robotics • Science


To see how our curriculum aligns to MDE CIP codes, visit this page.

Virtual Trainers

Virtual Trainers give your students the same hands-on practice they’d be getting in your classroom!

Virtual trainers allow your students to learn authentic industrial skills even when they’re not able to be in a lab. This is the perfect supplement to in-person learning, especially for flipped classrooms and hybrid course structures.

Below are some of the subject areas we offer virtual trainers for. We have dozens to choose from, so be sure to fill out the form at the bottom of the page and our team will get in touch with you!

  • Electrical systems (AC/DC, Electric Relay Control, etc.)
  • Fluid power (Hydraulics & Pneumatics)
  • Motor Control
  • Measurement
  • Mechanical
  • Machine Tools
  • CNC
  • PLCs
  • Engineering & Control Systems

It’s Simple to Get Started!

After choosing your courses, pick an eLearning model that fits your objectives – from 2-month course subscriptions to a year-long full library license…and everything in between.

All you have to do is activate your learners, track their progress on the Learning Management System, and have peace of mind that your class is continuing as scheduled! 

We created a 5 Step Guide to help you quickly implement a remote learning program that keeps your learners engaged with their courses. Click here to download the guide.

It just takes that first step. Our team is standing by to support you.

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